10 Reasons Why Manchester is the Best City to Study in

10 Reasons Why Manchester is the Best City to Study in

Manchester has the biggest student population in Europe – 90,000 and counting! But why is it so popular?

Take a look at ABLE Manchester’s top 10 reasons why Manchester is the best city to study in!


1. Price

It’s a boring point but an important one and besides who wants to waste money on rent when you could be spending it on much more interesting things?

Manchester has some of the lowest living costs in the UK for students – average weekly rent here is £75p/w compared to £110p/w in London!

Socialising is also much cheaper! A pint in the iconic Sinclair’s Oyster Bar is a little over £2 while in London a pint typically sets you back £5!


2. It’s not too big, but not too small

As the unofficial second city in England, Manchester has enough to keep everyone entertained but it’s not so big that you spend all your time travelling from place to place and it’s compact size and easy to spot landmarks (when in doubt look for the Hilton!) mean you won’t keep getting lost.

Manchester city centre skyline

Manchester city centre 

3. World Class Sport

Are you a Red or a Blue? Manchester is of course famous for its two Premier League clubs and going to watch a live game and soak up the atmosphere of the stadium is definitely a must do for any visiting student.

Old Trafford

But there is so much more to Manchester’s sports scene than football. Hosting the commonwealth games means that we have plenty of world class facilities – the Aquatics Centre, the Velodrome and the Athletics arena to name a few!

Even if you’re not an avid sports lover there are still lots of activities to keep you busy – tennis courts in most of the parks, gyms and swimming pools in every area – even a man-made ski slope with real snow!

4. World Class Nightlife


Whatever you are into – you will find it in Manchester! Student nights on Oxford Road, dance music at the world class Sankeys, quirky and secret bars in the Northern Quarter – there is something for every one. And don’t forget to take in some live music – Manchester is birthplace of some of the best British bands ever – the Smiths, the Stone Roses, Joy Division – need I go on?

Manchester Academy gig

Manchester Academy gig

5. Shopping

Manchester has the widest range of shopping outside of London! You can spend your time window shopping at luxury departments stores, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges, browse high street stores in the Arndale or snap up a bargain in the world’s biggest Primark!

If you are looking for something a bit more alternative or unusual then there are plenty of trendy independent boutiques in the Northern Quarter, along with quirky shopping-mecca Afflecks Palace.

Piccadilly records

Piccadilly records

And if it’s raining you can always pop along to the Trafford Centre – one of the largest shopping and entertainment centres in Europe!

6. Culture

With more theatres than any other city outside of London – there’s lots of opportunities to see a West-End musical or something more alternative!

The Lowry

The Lowry

Manchester also has some pretty amazing museums – our must visit is the Museum of Science and Industry. Manchester was the birthplace of the industrial revolution and this museum tells you about the impact Manchester has had on the world. However, if football’s more your thing then the National Museum of Football is the place to go!

Football Museum

Football Museum

7. History

Manchester has a rich history and when you come you can learn all about it! From the first modern day computer, to splitting the atom, to being the birthplace of the Emmeline Pankhurst, the leader of the Suffragette movement – there’s lots to learn and you’ll find an historical building at every turn.

Suffragettes gathered in Manchester Census Lodge to boycott the 1911 Census

8. Locals

It’s true what they say – Northerners are far friendlier than Southerners! Every person I know from London is always amazed when they come to Manchester and people hold the door open for them, offer them a seat on the bus or give them helpful and accurate directions when they need help.

To Mancs all of these things are second nature to us and we want anyone coming to our city to feel welcome and like to make them feel as at home as possible. So if you want to be in a friendly city where you have the opportunity to meet and make friends with native English speakers – up North is the place to be!


9. Festivals and Celebration

Mancunians love a good party and will find any excuse to celebrate!

Almost every month there seems to be a parade or festival going on from Pride in August, to St Patrick’s day parade to the world renowned International Festival – there is even Manchester Day in June!


And we cannot forget the Christmas Markets which cannot be missed!

christmas markets

10. Travel

Manchester’s location means that many exciting and interesting places are just a little over an hour away! In under 90 minutes you can be in the Beatles home town, Liverpool, visiting the historic city of York, walking along the beach and admiring Medieval castles in North Wales or taking in the stunning landscapes of the Lake District.


What’s more is that Manchester Airport is a little over 20 minutes by train from the city centre and with over 300 flights a day – it makes your arrival and departure a breeze. Also don’t forget to check out special offers for trips to Ireland – the flight to Dublin takes less than an hour and return tickets can be bought for less than £20 meaning a day trip to another country is also possible!



Want to come to Manchester to study?

Let ABLE Manchester plan your visit – course, accommodation and transfers – email info@able-manchester.co.uk for more details.

ABLE Manchester English academy

ABLE Manchester English academy

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