English Courses at ABLE Manchester

English Courses at ABLE Manchester

Are you looking to improve your English? Are you looking to gain some achievements and certificates to show you’re fluent and good at English? Then ABLE Manchester is definitely the place for you. ABLE is just one of many language schools in Manchester; however we are a school with difference. We ensure that our students have complete control over their course. We teach what they want to learn. We allow our pupils to set their own goals and we help them in any way possible to reach them. We offer a wide variety of classes which students can choose from. These classes range from the very basics of the English language all the way up to being advanced and proficient in English. We offer certificates of achievement in courses such as the IELTS, CAE and FCE. With these we cater to a large number of students whether their English is at a basic level or an advanced level. We do our best to make sure our students feel welcome and we do our best to cater to their linguistic needs.



We have students from a variety of countries. We like to bring together the different cultures and embrace one another as we learn about the English culture and the language. This learning experience is like none other you’ve had before. Our teachers are all of native tongue and they’re well experienced having worked for years in the field of teaching and education. They will provide a new and inspiring style of teaching which goes beyond that of an ordinary school. Our teachers do not only discuss the language but they also give our students a taste of the British culture. This gives the students just a flavour of what it is like to live in Britain, as they do not just learn the language but they also learn about us as people. They learn of our views, our politics, our stance of certain issues and this is much different than what is taught in a regular classroom. This is a brilliant experience and always brings the best out of our students. But not only do we leave the teaching to the classroom, but we also have social outings in which we show some of our students around Manchester. Showing them the sights and what there is to do around town. This is a brilliant experience for the pupils as we’re providing them with a taste of what life is actually like and they can take what they have learned in the classroom (about the language and the culture) and put it into practise. Learning in a different environment also allows the pupil to open their mind, to see things from a Britons point-of-view and allow them to have a different perspective.

C85ATG MANCHESTER city centre, EXCHANGE SQUARE - Big Wheel alongside the Old Wellington Pub

Our lessons run right through the week from Monday to Friday and they only cost £5.00 per hour which makes us one of the cheapest and most reasonably priced schools in Manchester! There are three lessons per day which are two hours long. These are at 9am-11am, 11:15am-1:15pm and 6:30pm-8:30pm. During these times we offer classes of anywhere from General English classes to Exam Classes (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE and IELTS). So if you wish to attend any of these classes you can either contact us via email or telephone call or even come into the centre! Here you can meet the team, view the classrooms and get a general feel for the place. We’ll even give you your first four hours of lessons completely free! So why wait any longer? Come on down to ABLE Manchester now!

To contact us or make a booking-

Email: info@able-manchester.co.uk



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