Evening Language Courses

ABLE Manchester

Our part-time adult language courses are fantastic for both complete beginners and those looking to develop their skills further.


Our part-time adult language courses are fantastic for both complete beginners and those looking to develop their skills further.

All of ABLE's teachers are fully qualified native speakers with ample experience teaching these languages to native English speakers. All classes are designed to be fun and engaging with a strong focus on communication meaning you can build up your confidence and fluency in the shortest time possible.

What's more is language students at ABLE can have the benefit of taking part in our extensive social programme where you can practise your language skills outside of class with native speakers at our language exchanges.

Adult Courses Include:

  • £150 for 10 weeks
  • all course material
  • max 10 students per class
  • certificate of achievement
  • Cultural activities
  • language exchanges with native speakers


One of the most spoken languages in the world, many people choose to learn Spanish because of their love of either Spanish or Latin American culture. Learning this language will mean that you now have the opportunity to gain more insight into the lives of the people living in this country and being able to speak to the warm, welcoming natives directly will mean that you can truly see what these countries have to offer.

Spanish Course Dates 2018:

  • Spanish 2 - 9th April - 11th June
  • Spanish 3 - 10th April - 12th June
  • Spanish 4 - 11th April - 13th June
  • Spanish 1 - 12th April - 14th June


Italian Course Dates 2018:

  • Italian 1 - 11th April - 13th June
Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful languages to listen to, many people choose to learn the language for the love of both it and the country it is spoken in. Taking part in one of our Italian courses means you will gain the ability to communicate with natives with confidence and gain insight into this beautiful country and its rich history.


Perhaps the most popular second language to learn, learning French allows you to communicate with people all over the world and will open your eyes to the rich culture and history both in France and other French-speaking nations around the world.

French Course Dates 2018:

  • French 1 - 9th April - 11th June


As the German language grows in global importance, more and more people becoming interested in learning the language for both pleasure and business. Whatever the reason, our 10 week German beginners course will give you a solid foundation for learning and the confidence to communicate with native speakers about a variety of topics.

German Course Dates 2018:

  • German 1 - 12th April - 14th June


Portuguese Course Dates 2018:

  • Portuguese 1 - 12th April - 14th June
Another language which is rapidly growing in popularity, Portuguese is spoken by over 230 million people and our course will develop your ability to communicate with them. Being able to communicate in this language will open doors not only for travel and personal relationships but also in business.