Meet the team

ABLE was founded by Alicja Golub who started ABLE as she believed there should be more flexibility in language learning

Alicja Golub


+44 (0)161 637 3062

“I have worked as an English Language Trainer for almost 7 years both in the UK and abroad. I have experience teaching many different nationalities and specialise in preparing students for Cambridge exams. I also enjoy teaching Business English and have previously worked in the Financial Services and Information Technology industries.”

ABLE offers something which no other school has – the ability to combine a variety of courses which means students can achieve their goals faster.

Ana Golub

Welfare Officer

+44 (0)161 637 3062

“I have been ABLE's Welfare Officer for almost two years and I really enjoy doing it! I love meeting new students and helping them to settle in and feel at home. I organise all the student's accommodation and also help with other issues, whether they be opening a bank account, arranging travel in the UK or helping with medicial arrangements.”

At ABLE we want everyone to be part of a big family and I make sure that everyone who comes to the school is looked after and has a happy and safe stay.

Andre Hora

School Manager

+44 (0)161 637 3062

“I am the school manager at ABLE Manchester I can help students with all aspects of studying and life in Manchester. I have spent many years working at language schools and I have met people from all over the world. I am originally from Brazil. I have lived in France for many years before settling in the UK . I love art and culture in general. I speak Portuguese, French, English and Spanish.”

I am so happy to be part of the ABLE Manchester team. I look forward to speaking to you.

Paul Fernandez


“I have been teaching English as a foreign language for three years now. Prior to this, I was a high school English literature teacher in the United States for more than six years. One of the things I enjoy about teaching English is being able to help my students understand how the language works in different settings and situations. I also love meeting people from other parts of the world because I learn so much about different cultures.”

Most importantly, I love being able to help my students achieve their goals. That to me is the most rewarding part of teaching English.

Faye Armit

Academic Manager

“I am passionate about the English language and enjoy passing my knowledge on to my students! I have been teaching for a while now and love working with my class to achieve their goals! I try and make all my lessons fun and engaging as I believe when you are having fun you learn more!”

Coming to a language school should be a fun and exciting experience! I aim to make all of my classes like this.

Alex Linley


“I have worked in many different areas of education, including teaching in high schools but I love working in a language school as the classes are small and I can really get to know my students, by knowing them and their goals, I can plan classes according to their needs and make sure that everyone is working together to learn and achieve.”

I enjoy getting to know each student and spending time with them inside and outside of class! I love taking students on trips and showing the best of Manchester!

Julio Quiroz de la Rosa

Sales Manager Central and South America

“I work across Central and South America as an representative for ABLE Manchester. I provide students with advice and support as they prepare to go to study in the UK.”

I think Manchester is such an amazing city to study in! It has a great atmosphere, many interesting sights and amazing nightlife!

What we do:

We are very hands-on directors who personally oversee all academic and administrative matters in the company to ensure that high standards are maintained across the school. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Our Teachers

All of our teachers undergo a rigorous recruitment process to ensure they can deliver top quality lessons. We strongly believe in developing our team and encouraging them to pursue professional qualifications. Our teachers are all committed to helping our students reach their objectives using ABLE Manchester’s unique bespoke concept.